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3 Reasons to Let a Professional Convert Your Van or Bus

Individuals and couples planning a van or bus RV conversion find a multitude of tutorials and DIY tips online. Even with all of the free advice to guide you, if you've never done a lot of auto-body work, carpentry, plumbing, or electrical wiring, the process of creating a cozy camper from a standard vehicle is daunting.
Transform your vehicle the reliable way by letting the professionals take charge of the camper conversion. Here are three important reasons why you should.

1. Professionals Ask the Right Questions

In the excitement of planning your van or bus conversion, it's easy to forget key features you'll need on the road. Once you're well into your DIY build, it can be impossible or very costly to add the furnishings you've suddenly realized you must have.
A conversion professional knows how to build a van- or bus-based RV with all or most of the materials and features you seek. You'll be asked key questions to ensure your van has the comfort, technology, and look you envision. The professional will ask you questions including the following:
  • Will the RV be used off-grid?
  • How frequently will the RV be used?
  • What is the maximum number of sleepers?
  • Will you work from the RV?
  • What climates will the camper experience? 
  • Do you need a shower and toilet?
  • Do you need a kitchen?
  • Is space needed for sports and hobby equipment?
Each of these questions lets the conversion pro know how to design your van or bus layout. For example, if you have a raised platform bed in the back half of the van, it can be lifted a few inches higher to accommodate extra equipment and gear below the bed. If you want bathroom facilities, your conversion expert knows to include space for fresh- and gray-water storage.

2. Comfort Is Assured With Quality Workmanship

Make sure your van has the proper insulation, wiring, lighting, and other features by hiring a quality shop to manage your conversion. With an expert in charge, the wiring and plumbing are installed correctly from the start. The shop uses RV products, accessories, and conversion materials that perform for you because the staff has experience with safe components that work best. 
Climate control is a vital element of comfy conversion living. Whether your travel destinations require a reliable heater or air conditioning unit, your journeys will be cozier when an experienced installer individually selects and fits the appliances to your converted RV. A pro knows how to choose energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that are the correct size for your RV's square footage and exterior weather conditions.
Let the experienced RV-conversion pros create a comfortable sleeping area that leaves you with no regrets. The professional conversion designer has experience making dream-worthy bedrooms. The pro will want your height measurements and inquire about other health concerns to ensure the sleeping areas created are adequate for a good night's rest. 

3. Experience Shows When Installing RV Systems

RV conversions come in all types, from the Bohemian to the incognito. If you prefer to travel in a low-key van that doesn't scream full-time campers, an experienced conversion professional makes that happen.
Instead of having bikes, grills, and other items hanging off the outside of the van, the pro will find ways to fit your gear inside — within limits, of course. Solar panels, hoses and cords can be elegantly tucked away yet easily accessible. 
If you wish, your conversion professional can create an RV that looks no different from the same van fresh out of the factory. You get the look you want without making a mess in the yard or tearing up your hands.
Contact Vulcan Coach Inc. to schedule a design session for your new RV conversion. We outfit vehicles of all types for the exciting adventures that await you.


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